A Better Approach to Securing Your Credentials

Issue thousands of certificates in a matter of seconds while cutting down on administrative costs.

*Previously known as eScroll


Academic certificates are a great asset for any student and that is why they need to be stored safely and Instantly available to higher education institutions and employers. Scribe ensures that academic documents are recorded in a secured, tamper-proof and transparent manner.

Stakeholders are able to access them and be assured of the genuineness of the information. Scribe Account Holders can access trusted information instantly anywhere, anytime. Scribe, therefore, optimizes the lengthy process of verification of academic documents.


Whether you are looking to digitize your students’ records or to secure your credentials, Scribe can help.

Issue Tamper-Proof Certificates

By securing your academic documents on the blockchain, you prevent fraud cases and assure your partners (Universities, employers) of the genuineness of the information on the certificates.

Improve Efficiency With Automation

Scribe will help you in cutting the time dedicated to credential management, third-parties background check inquires and repetitive manual work by completely automating the process.


Save Resources With Digital Certificates

Shifting to digital credentials allows you to go paperless, can help you save time and money on the issuing and shipping of academic certificates.

Boost Student Engagement

Digital credentials give faculties a way to recognize micro-learning and any extra-curriculum activities in a format that students want.

Learn From Analytics & Promote Your Brand

Every time a student or alumnus shares a digital certificate from your university, it’s a meaningful brand impression for your institution. Moreover, with our analytics module, you can view & analyze data on your academic programs and make well-informed decisions on how to improve your courses.

How it Works

The verification process is made simple and transparent in three easy steps!

Blockchain it!

Institutions will store a register of certificates on the blockchain represented by a unique QR code.

Stamp it

The authentication QR code can be stamped directly to the user certificate or resume.

Scan it!

Authentication of certificates is done by simply scanning the QR code.


Academic blockchain credentials: a better approach to issue your certificates


Secure your certificates and protect your institution


We help Institutions secure their Academic certificates from being faked, tampered or edited



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